47 friends and family, countless fish tacos and a wedding

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to TheSaltandSpice where food and travel live together! Let me tell you why you should stop by from time to time. Food and travel are two big parts of my life. The meals may not always be fancy and the trips may not always be far or exotic but one theme connects them both…. Enjoyment to the max! Tight time schedules or budgets do not mean that you can’t whip up a super fun meal and invite some friends over or take a one night trip to a nearby hot spot or point of interest.

When time allows however, then I always feel the urge to step it up a notch.


So maybe you’re thinking of a destination wedding.  Well we weren’t! Life however, has a funny way of giving you lemons but since one of the things we do on this blog is food and beverage let’s talk lemonade.

We originally were planning a one year engagement and a relatively local wedding in our province of British Columbia. The long and short of it is we like to “party” or in other words: enjoy some adult beverages, listen to loud music, dance, and play “chicken” with the morning sun with as many of our people as possible! We figured renting a mansion on the lake in British Columbia’s Okanagan region would be a perfect setting. We like to think of it as a wedding sandwich… The party is the bread and the meat in this case would be the wedding. We came so damn close to securing the venue/house that would have fit our criteria but just before the property manager sent us the final contract, the owners decided to put the house on the market and no longer accept rentals.

Dammit here come the lemons…! Back to the drawing board I guess.

Enter the lemonade

Let’s take another look at our original idea and see if there is another country would suit our party designs because after-all, the world is a pretty big place.

We settled on Sayulita, Mexico for an October date. The plan came together pretty quickly after this decision and we proceeded full steam ahead. The planning and bookings for food, drink etc and the schedule of activities were almost complete but there was still a couple little things to iron out. One of these “little” wrinkles was that we had not yet booked a DJ and it was SEPTEMBER!

Can’t have a party without music so this was kind of a big deal.

We love our music and our dance parties but figured we would go with the hotel’s recommended guy which I’m sure would have been fine. Right around this time I get a call from a really good buddy in Cali who also happens to be my wife’s cousin Mike. I have sworn to myself in the past that this dude must be a mind reader. He tells me he has become fast friends with a gentleman, DJ and MC that he and his lovely wife Monica had met on their last trip to Cabo. During the course of one of their hangouts, Mike’s new friend said since he was in the middle of renovations on his nite club in Cabo he might be free to DJ our wedding. All parties quickly agreed we could make this work and we kindly accepted his offer! BOOM, DJ booked!! Did I mention that our soon to be DJ has had some pretty big hits in the past, and in recent years, in our neck of the woods and is now doing some awesome musical and MC work around the world including Mexico? Looks like this lemonade is getting even sweeter.

First we had no music and now we have a celebrity DJ who is going to shred the vinyl and make it rain MC magic on the dance floor at our little party!

Fast forward to the wedding day; we had beautiful weather and a ceremony that made

The Spot Photo courtesy of  Erin Parker

people cry ( hopefully happy tears) and the photo op was handled expertly by our photographer. Dinner was absolutely excellent and it even rained lightly in between meal courses enough to cool the evening down to a very comfortable 25 degrees ( It had been a little sweaty for some of us earlier in the day…).


Now it was party time and after a few kind words from our guests and jokes from our MCs, Ricky began to ramp up the tempo track by track. He was absolutely amazing at transitions as he dialed up the BPMs. He even graced us with a few live performances  throughout the night and  let me tell you; this homie can certainly rock a mic! This was right around the time we rolled out the jello shots! Some have asked why we would have jello shots at a wedding but come to think of it, we rarely celebrate anything without jello shots! I love jello shots by the way…

At midnight it was time to move the party off the terrace and into the villa and our new friend Ricky insisted on continuing to spin beats in the villa as long as we wanted! What an awesome human being he had been to us all day and now he offered up more of his time for us on this huge day. Kudos bud!

The crowd moved inside and things quickly turned into a late night pool party as our guests traded their dresses and dress shirts for bikinis and swim trunks. More dancing and even impromptu speeches and toasts were how we spent the rest of the night until the wee hours of the Mexican morning…. And that my friends, is how you make lemonade!

That’s the best I can do to put our night in a nutshell but hopefully you have a little more reading left in you. I’ve dedicated the last few paragraphs to tell you a little more about Sayulita so read on for more because I would like to convince you to go!  If you haven’t been, then put this place on your list.  If you have been… then I don’t need to tell you to put it on your list because you are probably already planning a return.

We stayed in a combination of rental by owner and hotel resort accommodations to get a feel of what Sayulita had to offer and it paid off.  Rental by owner offers freedom of schedule and privacy for whatever rate you are willing to pay and hotel/resort style rooms offer great locations near the beach and killer and friendly Mexican service! There are also hostel style offerings so there’s something for every style and budget in this little surf town.

If you’re a breakfast person then this pueblo has the spot for you. Our most frequented breakfast destination goes by the name of Choco Banana. It is situated right beside the town plaza with a great patio and both Mexican and American style breakfast options. When I’m in Mexico, Huevos Rancheros are a must for me.


Sayulita inspired Huevos Rancheros with sweet corn and black bean salsa
Sayulita main drag by Erin Parker

For such a small little surf town, there are tons of activities, restaurants, bars, shops and night spots to spend your time in. Two of my favorite things to do though, were to search for and try the numerous taco stands and stop in for eats and margaritas on as many of the patios as we could.  Of course we had to get our surf on as well to burn off those extra calories and make room for more tacos.

One of the daytime staples in Sayulita is the fish taco and these are very easy to find until mid afternoon because the local fisherman bring the fresh catch in every morning and it sells out by the afternoon.

Crispy Panko Halibut fish tacos with lemon zest creme fraiche and crunchy red cabbage

After a surf and siesta on the beach or by the pool the sun goes down and it’s time to start thinking of dinner. Of course it’s easier to think with a cold bevvy in your hand. I’m usually loving this part of the day because although I love the sun… It’s also nice when the day cools into night and you can sit outside without shade. Many restaurant patios spill out onto the sidewalks so they’re excellent for people watching and the food is great too! A popular Sayulita specialty in the evenings is pork. You can smell the delicious meat on the grills and rotisseries as the stands get ready for the rush of people craving those amazing Tacos al Pastor.

Restaurants offer some more involved and inspired main dishes if you feel like sitting and relaxing after another big day.

Mexican style surf and turf with chili blackened wild boar chops and honey cumin seared scallops on Spanish rice with avo mousse

Our little crew of 50 wedding guests had such a great time that it took a lot of the typical wedding time stresses away. The wedding was beautiful and we were blessed with so many of our friends and family in attendance to share it with us.

Spanish guitars over dinner by Erin Parker

In my opinion, that is just what happens in beautiful Mexico. The people are friendly, the sights are beautiful and the food is beyond fresh and delicious.  Needless to say, I have been on a Mexican food cooking spree lately and my wife couldn’t be happier about it.

Where are the recipes?! I just wanted to introduce myself in this initial post and tell you a little story about what makes me tick. I hope you enjoyed the pics and please visit again soon because…

Coming soon: I will be posting the recipes to all the dishes I featured in this post with hopes that you try some of these at home.

Cheers, or as they say in Me-hee-koh… Salud!

Petey Pabs out

Beautiful settings by Erin Parker

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