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I Took A Chill In Ibiza

How ya’ll doing? If you remember from my most recent post… We were on our way to the airport the next morning.

Ibiza here we come…!

I am still very proud of us for keeping it adult and not going out late so that we could easily make our 6am flight. Don’t feel bad for us because we were going to make it up on this next leg of our trip.

Let me start by saying that I’m a huge Las Vegas fan and this place has now unseated Vegas for me as the top party destination! It’s definitely going to provide you with tons of dinning options from street food to high end fare, shopping all over the place, parties that go all day and continue on for the whole night… or wait, maybe they go all night and carry on into the day. Either way it’s definitely a chicken or egg debate on the party scene but the point is there are plenty of awesome little bars hittin you with live music in the center of town, lounges with seating that spills into the streets, beach parties, pool parties, boat parties and of course, big Vegas style clubs with world renowned DJs that take up residency all summer long. One thing that Vegas does not have and what edges Ibiza into top spot for me is the beach. There may be a lot of sand in the desert but this island takes the cake with it’s beach town feel during the day.


For a place to crash, we booked an Airbnb in the marina of Ibiza town. It was awesomely situated because it turns out that the marina is a quiet part of town but still close to the center which is obviously full of shops, restaurants and bars to keep you entertained. Quiet is important in this case because the parties don’t stop for too long in Playa D’en Bossa which is super dope but it’s nice to be able to leave it behind when it’s finally time for a little shut eye.

There’s a ton of options when it comes to accommodations from hotels, villas, and condos to yachts that can all be rented for your stay. We chose a condo because it was spacious and private and also had a huge patio where we were able to enjoy some delicious breakfasts in the AM or glasses of Cava before heading out for the night.

So we made it to Ibiza…what to do now…?

We rented a scooter and scoped out the GPS before heading to the north east side of the island for more chill style beaches. This ride takes you out of town and into the country side which is scenic, beautiful, relaxing and the “other” side of Ibiza that every visitor has to see. We rode our little scooter to Aguas Blancas and caught some sun for the afternoon before grabbing a snack and a glass of sangria and the bar which is awesomely located next to this beach before heading back to town.

You know I had to do some cooking so we stopped on the way back at a local farmer’s market and picked up some breakfast goodies including fresh eggs, manchego cheese, Serrano style ham and some more Cava for a patio breakie at our condo the next day.

Fast forward to post sunset, after wifey got extra prettied up we hit the town. We headed towards the castle on the hill named Moli d’en Canto in the old port area of Ibiza town. This was area is just off the pier and is a great spot to explore. Come thirsty and hungry because you will be tempted by the many places to whet your whistle or grab a bite. As with many destinations, every place has a host trying to lure you into their establishment but we just wanted to take in the sights and scene before making a decision to sit. We finally stumbled across this place with a street patio in a typical European style street. You know, the kind you see in the movies where the road is super narrow, the street is cobblestone, and the buildings are older than most things you’ve seen…? And of course there was a live singer accompanied by a guitar player. So we luckily scoped a table and after a few minutes, we had a seat.

We loved the scene and decided to stay and eat. The people-watching was non-stop as we ate our meal and drank… you guessed it… sangria.  One thing that stood out to me was that when the musicians finished their set they were immediately followed by a DJ who slowly, through the evening, turned up the BPM and the volume which mirrored the feel of the whole island. Things start chill like a beach town and then get faster and more bass-ie as the day goes by until it’s a full on party all around you and you haven’t even realized it until you’re in the middle! Love it!

There are so many spots like this in the area so we don’t even remember the name but just look for the cobblestone street and I’m sure you’ll find it… After our meal, we were jacked up by the beats that were now bumping from the DJ booth so we headed towards the pier where we had passed a few lounges earlier. We took another seat outdoors and made some friends and got ourselves warmed up for the next night to come. We had a table booked at Pacha to see Robin Schulz so we called this a practice round.

Marina view from the balcony

We pulled the chute sometime before sunrise so it was still night when we went to bed. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. Besides, I had to cook breakfast and get a coffee and Baileys and a round of Cava mimosas for us on the patio before noon the next day. I almost made the deadline so we’ll say it went from breakie to brunch. I made a quick scramble with roasted farm tomatoes and dressed it with Serrano ham, fried manchego cheese, sliced avo and toast. It was a great way to start another Ibiza day. Did I mention that I love this place?

I made it myself
Garbi snack and sip

The rest of the day carried on very similar to the previous one. We went to explore Playa d’en Bossa. This is where you will find a more urban beach vibe with some big clubs, pool parties and beach lounges with DJs playing daytime beats for the beach goers to enjoy. We hung out at Hotel Garbi’s Chillout Lounge under a cool palapa and soaked in the tunes and the scene.


Now it was time for a typical Spanish dinner… late. After-all we had our table at Pacha reserved and they kindly asked that we arrive before 2am.


We headed back to Ibiza’s old port area and instead of looking through menus, we just looked at people’s plates as we walked by. This is super easy to do without being creepy because there are so many tables located outside. We settled on a magnificent little Italian restaurant which has a long history in Ibiza town called Il Pavone. Many nights behind and to come would be Spanish fare so we decided to try Italian. The uber friendly staff offered us the most romantic seat in the house when they heard we were on our honeymoon. It truly was a cozy spot with a view on a balcony for two and a great spot to share a dinner. The meal was spectacular as was the service and I would definitely recommend a visit to anyone headed to Ibiza.

Time to go out!

Ibiza operates in full swing from March to early October before “closing” for the season. One of the big draws for heading to the island during September is that’s when you will find all the big club closing parties! Big DJs spinning big beats are bound to lead to memorable nights, if you’re into that sort of thing. When I was researching the line-ups for 2017 I learned that these are widely considered among the world’s best parties.

No fooling? Nope, they were being 100% honest

We rolled into Pacha around 1 am and we were greeted by a host bearing Pacha swag and taken to our table by the stage. I’m not going to bore you with too much detail because music is a very personal thing and tastes vary but I can say the DJ’s leading up to Mr. Robin Schulz surprised the hell out of us by playing some serious 90’s hip hop including Biggie and Jay-Z getting us into a major groove. Robin Schulz did not disappoint with his tropical house beats which were a perfect pairing for the locale. It was some of the best club music I have ever heard by far.

The table afforded us enough space to dance and we didn’t have to be in the crowded dance floor if we didn’t want to be. I must also say that the value received for the space we had, the bottle service, the famous talent spinning and the table location was definitely kicking ass on Vegas. In other words, you get more for your money in Ibiza than you do in Vegas so I would say it’s worth the flight! Plus you get a trip to Europe!

Well…. that was that for our trip to the Spanish island and it was time to head back to the mainland for the next leg of our trip. Road trip!! I will get some pics together and tell you all about it in my next post. Cheers and thanks for reading.

Bye for now Ibiza

Petey Pabs out…

I'm a hobby cook who loves grabbing inspiration from anywhere I can. Be it a street food vendor half way around the world, or any of the top rated restaurants I have visited right at home. There is something to be learned from anyone who puts passion into their food! I aspire to be in a constant state of learning when it comes to food and culture and I aim to share those learnings with you!

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