I’ve been cooking for quite a while now but it wasn’t always fun for me. I did not always enjoy cooking, mostly because I began as a line cook for a chain steakhouse when I was going to college. The job did not give me an affinity for what is now one of my favorite hobbies, but it did teach me all the basics! A few years later I found it was a great tool to impress the ladies (jk wifey…) and also a lot of fun when I had the option of cooking what I was in the mood for at the time I was in the mood to do it. Since then, my excitement over this topic has grown to astronomical levels!

TheSaltandSpice is something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time.  It’s not just about food but also about experiences that inspire me and others to try new food, new things, and visit new places.

Salt enhances and spice adds variety so I’m always looking for ways to add more of these to all areas of life.  I get super freakin’ pumped when I start planning the next big meal and love taking pics when things work out so I’m going to share those moments, ideas and recipes with you. When you’re interested, I’ll be here posting something new.

Which brings me to the part, “hungry for more…?”

Travel is another one of those delicious, beautiful things in life that totally amps us up! My wife Tawnya and I love to travel near and far. She is one of my main inspirations for pretty much everything (so I have to give her much credit) but especially world exploration because she gave me the travel bug and as far as food goes, she eats at pretty fancy restaurants so I always have to be up-ing my game. With travel comes new cultures, people and of course new recipes, ingredients, techniques and food ideas are all huge benefits that come with travel, so I wouldn’t be able to make this project complete without sharing with you some of the places that inspire my food builds. Oh, and, travel also provides great opportunities to take really dope pics!

So if you like eating or cooking, and travel then I hope you come visit often because, although I don’t do money back guarantees, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy what you see and maybe you’ll be able to make some of these ideas your own!!